A Holiday Challenge

This is the last episode until after Christmas, and so I wanted to give a challenge for everyone heading in to the holiday time off.

Rest well.

It’s easier said than done, to be sure. But wouldn’t it be awesome to come back from your Christmas vacation with energy and motivation to do your best creative work? Wouldn’t it be awesome to come back feeling fueled up instead of tired and worn out?

Here are a few ideas for how to rest well (and I’m not just talking about taking long naps):

  • It’s okay to be alone for a bit every day. It can be exhausting being around our entire family for days and days on end.
  • Read a real book.
  • Don’t check Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Email — I dare you to go a whole day, let alone the whole week.
  • To keep your mind and creative juices flowing, come up with 5 ideas every day — but don’t worry about actually acting on them. Just exercise your brain.
  • Go on a photo walk.
  • Take lots of family portraits and pictures, but don’t Instagram them right away.
  • Ask your spouse for the thing that is most important for them to do during the vacation, and then make it your first priority to help that happen.
  • Ask one of your family members questions that will lead to more meaningful conversations. Such as asking about what is most challenging or most exciting to them right now.

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