Apple Watch and The Just Checks

I began wearing a watch several years ago — maybe four years ago — because I was tired of constantly pulling my pone out of my pocket in order to check the time only to find myself suddenly checking email, Twitter, etc.

I’ve had an iPhone since the beginning. It’s my favorite gadget of all time. Literally for like 8 years this thing has never been more than an arm’s distance away. But the advantages of the technology also bring some disadvantages.

It’s not so easy to be bored anymore. Like, you have to choose to be bored. It used to be that boredom chose you — you were somewhere and you were waiting and there was nothing to do and you were bored. Now, you’re never bored. You can see pictures of some stranger surfing on the other side of the world, or get a live video stream of someone’s hike over Tokyo. This stuff is amazing.

So I have to be proactive about my boredom and my down time. We all do. Which begs the question of how the Apple Watch comes in to play? For those who want to waste less time with their digital devices, will Apple Watch make that easier or harder? Honestly, I don’t yet know.

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