Defining the vision for our life

The topic of having a vision for your life sounds so intense. So old-school and grownup.

We’re the new breed. We don’t need that stuff because we walk around with the internet in our pockets and we have access to a multitude of information as fast as our wireless service can serve it up to us.

But that is exactly why there has never been a generation more in need of having vision for their lives than now.

How many times do we pull out your iPhone in a day? How many times do we casually check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, only to go back and check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and email again. And then again? All in a 90 second span while waiting in line at the grocery store.

We never ever have to be bored. And so, how critical is it to have some sort of idea for where we want to be headed with our life? The incessant tide of opinions, distractions, likes, emails, @replies, youtube videos, can and will pull us every which way. And their sway over our attention span and values doesn’t get any less strong as we get older.