Platform Juxtaposition

Thoughts on building a platform and an audience to share the things we have to say, but how those platforms can turn on us and stifle our creativity and inspiration. How do we keep out of the echo chamber in order to consistently create work we’re proud of and that has value and meaning?

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OmniFocus 2, Time, and To-Dos

On this week’s show:

  • My history with to-do lists.
  • Initial impressions of the new OmniFocus 2 for Mac beta and how it compares to OmniFocus on the iPad and iPhone.
  • Thoughts on giving areas of responsibility a designated time-slot during the day / week.


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Digital versus analog

On this week’s episode: analog vs digital; low-fi vs high-fi; old school versus new school; manual versus automatic — appreciating and taking advantage of today’s awesome technology while also celebrating the more traditional and hands-on way of doing things.

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Questions and Answers

On this show I answer several listener-submitted questions, mostly related to picking a CMS, building an audience, and if there’s a difference between “writing” and “blogging”.

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Total Creative Freedom

On today’s show I talk about the lessons, goals, good parts, bad parts, and other related miscellany regarding the past 3 years of writing as my full-time gig.


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A Writing Guide

For today’s show I’m joined by my friend, Patrick Rhone, to talk about writing. Topics include: doing the work, picking a publishing platform, building an audience, making a few bucks, and having fun.

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Photo Mojo

On this week’s episode:

  • How and why I got into mirrorless cameras in the first place
  • How I think Micro Four-Thirds cameras stack up against APS-C and why I stuck with the M43 system
  • Why I upgraded to the new E-M10 from the E-PL5
  • An initial review of the E-M10
  • Additional gear talk and some quotes/feedback from the listener survey


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The double-edged sword of awesome tools

On this week’s episode: Constraint breeds creativity, but… we also want the right tool for the right job, but… we don’t want to come down with gear acquisition syndrome. So where do we draw the line?

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Professional-Grade iOS

On today’s show:

  • Results from this week’s survey about how you use your iPad for creating and/or “consuming” content
  • Defining what “Pro iOS” means anyway
  • Some of the low-hanging fruit that would make iOS more “powerful” (such as better inter-app communication)
  • Examples of iPad apps which are better than their Mac siblings
  • The importance of a 3rd-party app having a worthwhile and sustainable income in the app store


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0: Introduction

Welcome to the pilot episode of The Weekly Briefly.

On today’s episode I share about the genesis of The Weekly Briefly, what the podcast will be about, and who should subscribe.

The Weekly Briefly serves as the once-a-week public episode of Shawn Today.